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Point Adventure

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Point Adventure by friv 4 school

Category : friv 4 school games

Description: Are you looking for a nice little adventure game to go through with ease? Point Adventure from friv 4 school is not such a game. This endless scrolling arcade game is fast paced and hard. Really hard. And mean. You control a circle with two orbs on the opposite sites and you have to move the circle through obstacles. You are able rotate the circle while it constantly moves upwards. If one of the orbs crashes into an obstacle you lose. How far will you be able to go? Are you able to handle the frustration of crashing time and again? Will you set the record or will you have walk away in shame? Accept the challenge and play Point Adventure now for free!

Now you playing Point Adventure from friv 4 school category page. The game is played 452 times. Added at 2016-07-26

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