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Watch Out 2

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Watch Out 2 by friv 4 school

Category : friv 4 school games

Description: Watch Out 2 from friv 4 school is the one of the most difficult and frustrating games you will ever come across. But it is also one of the most fun and motivating games because success depends on nothing but your own skill. There are no unfair challenges or even cheating enemies, if YOU do well, you will succeed. Playing Watch Out 2 can train your reaction time as well as your perception. After playing for a while you will find that you are able to reach scores you never thought to be attainable. For the best of the best there is the even more infuriating hard mode. Impossible you say? Try harder!

Now you playing Watch Out 2 from friv 4 school category page. The game is played 573 times. Added at 2016-07-26

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